5 Ways to Energize Your Pregnancy

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Feeling tired and wondering why?

5 Ways to Energize your Pregnancy

Carrying a baby takes a lot of energy, and the impact varies by woman and by pregnancy. Some women are radiant, with seemingly boundless stamina for their first pregnancy and yet sluggish and exhausted during their second, or vice versa. Your energy level may also have peaks and dips as you progress through the stages of pregnancy.

Usually that constant longing for a nap is the worst in the first trimester and then in the final weeks before the baby is born. In Thailand, the heat alone can trigger the onset of fatigue, and grabbing a cup of iced coffee or tea may have worked for you in the past, but now that you’ve got a baby on board, it isn’t the most effective solution. So here are a few tips to help you cope with fatigue and boost your energy:

  • Make sure your iron levels are healthy. Many women become anemic during pregnancy and that can lead to lethargy.
  • Give in. If you are feeling sleepy, try to find time to sleep. This may mean saying goodbye to your night owl habits and going to bed earlier in the evening. You need at least eight or nine hours every night. And, this may not be easy, but try to find time for a nap. If you work, there are still creative ways to sneak a nap in during office hours. If there is a hotel nearby, head over during your lunch break and you can likely find a quiet spot or poolside lounge chair for a catnap. Some hotels offer a monthly membership to use their recreational facilities, for example the Sommerset Hotel charges 1,000THB a month for annual memberships, so you can slip some shut-eye into your daily work routine.
  • Exercise. Find a safe fitness routine with the help of your healthcare provider. Low impact exercise will help get your blood flowing and put some pep back in your step. This could be a daily walk in the park, or doing light aerobics in the living room while you watch TV.
  • Eat right. You need a minimum of an extra 300 calories a day to nourish your pregnancy, and where you get those calories is very important. You can’t just scarf down a Snickers Bar and consider the job done. You need more vegetables, berries and fruits. Broccoli and carrots are great sources of beta-carotene; blueberries are packed with antioxidants; bananas and watermelon have high levels of B6, so work in these health foods for a boost of energy and vitamins. Good for you, good for the baby.
  • Stay hydrated. This is especially true for moms in Southeast Asia. It is so easy to dehydrate in this heat and when your water levels drop, so will your energy. The Water Your Body app, which you can download in the Apple App-store acts as a personal hydration coach, suggesting the amount of water you should intake based on the weather, your weight, age and level of activity, and sounds reminders when you need to drink more to meet your goal hydration levels.

These are the tried and true techniques to amping up your energy while pregnant, but everyone has there own personal favorites, and the sometimes odd and unusual tricks that help them keep from getting rundown. We’d love to hear what works for you, and any tips you have for us to add to the list.


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