Mom & Baby Photo Contest Winners

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After receiving dozens of wonderful entries our judges have spoken. Congratulations to our prize winners:

Grand Prize: Daddy cradling Mateo – 4 days old
2nd Prize: Progress: 50% loading
3rd Prize: First father’s day

Our grand prize winner will receive a photo shoot at the studio of Bangkok-based professional photographer Boaz Zippor. Be sure to read 3 Rules for Better Baby Photos for more of Boaz’s pro tips for your home family photos. Following are Boaz’s comments on the winning photo.

Grand Prize (Selected by Boaz Zippor):

Grand Prize

Daddy cradling Mateo – 4 days old

When it comes to family shots, I have to admit I have a soft spot for the masculine side. I know, I know you will say I am just being a chauvinist and that it is the usual discrimination against women, but no, it is the opposite of that, if anything, it is affirmative action.

Males, even in these unisex metrosexual modern days , still have less opportunities to be soft and , well, what we might call feminine, and when they do, if only because it is a rare event, the emotional weight of the photo is usually bigger, more intense, I would almost dare say more pure.

But other than this gender oriented argument, the photo I have chosen as winner has a couple of extremely valuable attributes , that we would be smart to remember when we shoot these kind of photos :

  • It is clean, uncluttered, almost minimalistic in nature, and that gives it a higher value, a more succinct visualization of the moment, the emotion, the relationship.
  • When asked, I usually advice the people coming to me for family shoots to wear light cloths, if not completely white. Not only does it give a lighter atmosphere to the shoot, it enables us to concentrate on the important aspects without losing attention. Clean. Clear. Simple.
  • The composition works perfectly, with the head closing the frame from the top, the hand from the bottom, and in that “secure” visual nest is the baby. Again, thanks to the lack of distractions and the minimalistic color plate, the composition is even more impactful. Well done.

Even a prize winning photo has room for improvement:

  • Another slight turn of the body towards the light will bring the baby’s face into our view, while still keeping the beautiful shadow effect that makes it so real and 3d. (remember, full frontal lighting will always give flat photos. It can be used for certain shots, but the interesting ones will always have the benefit of the shadows, the bright-dark harmony)

2nd Prize (selected by the team):

2nd Prize

Progress: 50% loading

3rd Prize (selected by the team):

3rd Prize

First father’s day

Boaz Zippor
Boaz is an accomplished photographer, writer and poet with a background in industrial design and visual communications. He has founded several multimedia and design companies in Italy and Israel, and now runs his studio and gallery out of Sapan-Kwai in Bangkok. His work can be found in private collections in New York, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Shanghai and Thailand. Visit Boaz at:

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