How to Have a Baby in Bangkok

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This blog post originally featured on the blog Tales from an Expat from Simon Voliver, and he was kind enough to let us publish the first three steps on “How to have a Baby in Bangkok”.

Expecting Expats - How To Have a Baby in Bangkok Expat Style

Step 1: Find somewhere to stay

Where you stay will obviously depend on your personal situation & budget. We have a 3-year old who sleeps in her own room at home so I was hoping to find a nice 2-bedroom serviced apartment. In the end, we opted for a 1-bedroom in a nicer, more modern place.

The living area at Legacy Suites, Bangkok.

We stayed at Legacy Suites on Sukhumvit, Soi 29. Although probably one of the higher priced options, I can’t say enough good things about this hotel. The room was perfect – good size (with separate bedroom), very clean, new washing machine in the kitchen and a gorgeous bathroom with a bathtub and shower. We opted not to pay the additional 800THB for an extra bed and instead brought a small mattress with us, which we had bought at the market here in Cambodia for $20. We also brought linens, although our cleaner very kindly supplied us with extra when we were in need.

The staff were excellent – very friendly and happy to help with any of our many requests. There is a simple but really good Japanese restaurant just beside the lobby, which will also deliver to your room.


  • Close to the hospital
  • New, clean rooms
  • Lovely pool & exercise equipment
  • Friendly Japanese restaurant
  • Excellent & attentive staff
  • Short walk away from outdoor playgrounds, Villa Supermarket & Emporium Shopping Centre


  • No local market (if you are into buying local produce & cooking)
  • Not many cheap restaurant food options nearby – particularly if you are vegetarian
  • Price – more expensive than other serviced apartments

Step 2: Choose a Hospital & Doctor

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

The hospital most expats seem to favour is Samitivej – and for good reason. They are well set up and run a very efficient business; the hospital feels much more like a hotel than a medical centre. Their 2 birthing rooms are each equipped with a large tub, a comfortable bed, cushions of all sizes, a birthing chair, and other various contraptions.

Step 3: Book an Appointment

Book an appointment online before you arrive. The hospital website is easy to navigate and lets you choose a specific doctor, or will assign you one if you have no preference.

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Simon Voliver
In 2000 I left for Asia travelling through Iran, Pakistan, India and Thailand before eventually arriving in Japan in 2001. During my year and a half in Osaka I stumbled upon Cambodia and moved here permanently in 2002. I met my Canadian wife in 2003, we were married in 2007 and had a daughter in 2008. We now live out in the paddies just outside the town of Kampot in the South of the country.

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