Journey to School

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This blog post originally featured on the Reilly Family Blog, and we wanted to share this with all our readers as we think it is a cute anecdote and interesting insight into the life of an expat mom with a child born at Samitivej Hospital and living in Bangkok, Thailand.


Inspired by a project I saw on Twitter, I decided to document with photos my journey to work in the morning. I took the photos using Instagram on my phone. Enjoy.

Meet Oscar


Say bye to Oscar who always does his best to look too cute!

Wave to Oscar

Wave to Oscar from the street. He is standing looking out from the skinny rectangle window at the very top in between the two bigger buildings. We wave to dad every morning too. The electrical wires across Bangkok are always interesting.

The Journey

Past the 7-11

Past the 7-11 store right across from our apartment. We will go past 3 more on our journey to work!

Morning food stalls

Walk past the morning food stalls selling breakfast.

Walk past massage shop

Walk past my favourite massage place in Bangkok (right on our soi) and make a mental note every morning to get a massage soon.

Soi 8

Soi 8, our street, in the early morning.

Cross Sukhumvit

Bravely cross Sukhumvit Road. If there is too much traffic we use the sky bridge. Crossing the road takes us from the even numbered side of the street to the odd numbered. Even side is much nicer.

Wave for a motorbike taxi

Wave for a motorbike taxi. They know us now and ride up when they see us walking. It costs 20 baht for the 2min ride to school.

Weaving in traffic

Weaving and riding along with the traffic.

Past the construction sites

Past a couple of construction sites. Arrive at school

Welcome to NIST!

Welcome to NIST! Door to door in about 10 mins.

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  1. Karen  /  November 14, 2012, 12:47 pm Reply

    Thanks for this! It’s nice to see how other women get to work. I take a motorcycle taxi to the market where I get a songtow and then walk a bit when dropped off. I look for a car taxi in the morning and take it if I find one though. I’m wondering how much longer I can sit safely on the motorcycle taxi…

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