5 Essential Baby Gadgets: #5 – Crib/Bed

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This is the first in a 5-part series of articles on essential gadgets and stuff for a baby. Make sure to read the entire series!

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First of all, babies do need a lot of gear. It’s surprising how much stuff you’ll end up carrying around with you “just in case.” But it’s been my experience that there is a big distinction between what you ‘want’ and what you actually ‘need.’

You will undoubtedly get some lovely gifts at your baby shower. Cool and unique gifts. And you’ll see stuff in stores and online before the birth that you ‘just-have-to-have’. But what do you really need?

I’ve thought long and hard about this recently. And I’ve come up with my own Top Five list. Now, this list does not include the basic things that every baby needs. For example, diapers, clothes, bottles, bibs, food, toys, etc.[1] Instead, I’ve focused my list on the bigger ticket items. The things that you will want to, in my opinion, invest a little money in and take the time to find the sort that suits you.

There are 5 items which have proven themselves to be things we could not live without.

So with that in mind, stay tuned for my upcoming list. I’ll start with #5 and work my way up to the #1 item that my husband and I, as parents, could not live without.

I would love to hear from any other BTDT parents about what their Top Five list looks like!

When our first son was born, we didn’t know that we would eventually choose to co-sleep with our newborn let alone bed-share. But as a nursing mom, it just made all the sense in the world for us.

But I did know that he would eventually need a crib. So off we went, pre-birth, in search of one. Man, but was I disappointed by what I found in the shops. Everything seemed flimsy, cheap and covered in tacky teddy bears and rainbow unicorns. Sorry if that’s your style; it’s not mine.

Then a colleague turned us on to Mother Goose. Situated on Thonglor Soi 13, this place can custom make just about anything. They have binders full of ideas or you can bring in a picture of something that you like.

Essential Gear - Convertible Crib

We chose a convertible crib/bed model and matching changing table made of pine. The crib is adjustable to 3 different heights. We found that having this style of crib made making the transition for our eldest son into a ‘big boy’ bed much easier. The ‘big boy’ bed will eventually take on the life of a settee once the boys have outgrown it. The changing table will eventually become just another piece of furniture. There is nothing about either piece to suggest that they are ‘baby-ish’.

Because I can be irrationally superstitious at times, we kept with the tradition of not having a crib in the house until the baby was brought home from hospital. So this is what our first born slept in for his first couple of weeks. It worked brilliantly. For our second born, I bought a second Moses Basket with rocking stand from a BAMBI Bring ‘n Buy sale. Best 2,500 Baht I even spent!

Having the crib and changing table custom made for us cost about 200USD more than buying both of them from a department store. The cost of not having Teddy bears or rainbow unicorns and being able to use this furniture for the future . . . PRICELESS.

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