I am now 7 months pregnant. My baby’s weight is 1679g. Is my baby fat?

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Hi. I am now 7 months pregnant. My baby’s weight is 1679g. Is my baby fat?

Firstly, the gestational age (Month 7) that you told us is quite broad, and our answer would depend on exactly which week within Month 7 you are in. If your pregnancy is in week 28 the baby is quite over standard (at 28 weeks the baby should weigh around 1147g).

Please see the table below to determine whether your baby’s weight is below or above average, based on the Week that your pregnancy is in.

Weight Chart

Ref: A global reference for fetal-weight and birth weight percentiles

Additionally, nutrition during pregnancy is very important — all mothers have to be concerned about what they eat. The following link might give you an idea what foods should you avoid and what foods should you eat for your baby.

Nutrition in pregnancy

Women’s Health Center
Samitivej Hospital


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