Youthful Tendency Disorder

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I came across an article this morning from The Onion, “More U.S. Children Being Diagnosed With Youthful Tendency Disorder” and it made me laugh.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Onion, it is an American news satire organization and entertainment website featuring satirical articles that report on international, national, and local news.

While my youngest may be too young for a proper diagnosis, there is strong evidence to support the belief that his brother is afflicted with this disorder. In fact, my oldest might be a carrier as well. Spending time with him seems to elicit spontaneous laughter and random acts of silliness in children and adults alike. He ‘reads’ storybooks to himself – this from a boy who has just mastered spelling his own name. He lives in a rich imaginary world where he flits easily between being my son and being a ninja-Batman-Spider-Man-bad-guy-fighting superhero. He believes that dinosaurs are real and often walks ahead of me with a Nerf sword to protect us; on the off chance that one should jump out from behind the fence on our walks to the grocery store. He displays zero impulse control when it comes to jumping in puddles or piles of dried leaves. Curiously, he never seems to get bored of watching the same DVD or hearing the same bedtime story night after night, week after week, month after month. Bath time turns into a virtual ode to underwater adventures. And yes, he hears voices. Teddy bears and toy cars often tell him that they need to come with us on trips or they’ll be lonely without him. I know this because he tells me. He also tells me, very matter of factly, that he knows he’s too young to be a real racing car driver but that he’ll be big enough to drive when he’s 5 years old. He believes me when I tell him, “Yes!” after he eats a banana and then asks me, “Can you see me growing?”

He also disagrees often, and loudly, with me when I insist that an after school nap is required before we can go to the playground. Or that it doesn’t matter if today’s underpants don’t have superheroes on them, they’re still wearable. Or that his chicken is still good even if the vegetables did touch it. Or when I tell him that he can’t have dessert until he eats three more bites of the dinner that I cooked that he says is not his “favourite”. His ‘favourite’ everything changes on a daily basis. Again, all classic signs of Youthful Tendency Disorder.

So now it’s my mission to find other parents who, like me, are living with a child with YTD. I was thinking about starting a support group but then I thought, no, it’s already been done. That’s why book clubs that serve wine were invented.

Youthful Tendency Disorder

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