Could you advise which doctors at Samitivej Hospital support vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)?

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Please could you advise which doctors at Samitivej support VBAC? I really want a doctor who has experience of VBAC and will genuinely support my desire to birth naturally, despite my previous c-section (4 years ago). I have heard some doctors say ‘yes’, but then as the due date gets closer they start to push for a repeat c-section.

According to standard textbooks, there is no doubt that vaginal delivery most often will prove to be safe following a previous cesarean section. Numerous reports have been published that confirm the safety of VBAC. The success rate is more than 80%. The incidence of maternal mortality is one per 1000. Even with these successful outcomes, the risks which you should be concerned with include uterine rupture, and consequences such as fetal distress, hypoxia, perinatal morbidity and mortality are 0.5%.

Therefore, ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) has made the following recommendations describing women who should NOT try a VBAC delivery. These women include:

  • Women with a high vertical (or classical, T-shaped) incision on the uterus (If you aren’t sure what type of uterine incision was used, check the operative report from your prior C-section.)
  • Women with a history of extensive uterine surgery
  • Women with a small pelvis or delivering a large baby – it may not be safe for the baby to pass through the pelvis
  • Women with a medical problem or obstetric condition, such as Placenta Previa or Abruptio Placentae
  • Women delivering in a hospital without an available medical team for VBAC monitoring and emergency C-section
  • Women having suffered a prior uterine rupture
  • Women with more than two prior C-sections and no previous vaginal deliveries

Ref: If you are considering to have a VBAC, you should first discuss with your health care provider the risks and benefits for both you and your baby. The conditions are different for everyone, and it is important to seek guidance from your health care provider to discuss your options.

Since you don’t mention your preference for a male doctor or female doctor please let us provide the following recommendations of doctors who support VBAC:

If you prefer a female doctor, please contact Yaowaluk Rapeepattana, M.D. You can check her doctor’s profile at:

Yaowaluk Rapeepattana, M.D.

If you prefer a female doctor, please contact Nisarat Kasatri, MRTCOG, FICS M.D. You can check her doctor’s profile at:

Nisarat Kasatri , MRTCOG, FICS M.D.

If you prefer a male doctor, please contact Sankiat Vayakornvichit, M.D. You can check his doctor’s profile at:

Sankiat Vayakornvichit, M.D.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to send your inquiries to:

If you are not currently in Bangkok, you can contact us to set up an appointment in advance of your arrival. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much,

Samitivej Women’s Health Center

Samitivej Hospital

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