Extracurricular activities in Bangkok (Part 1)

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We all know that there’s nothing worse than bored children. It’s not because they’ll ask you questions every five minutes (“Hey, mom, are we allowed to do this?”) or squabble constantly with one another (“She started it!”) or drive you up the wall (though that’s quite likely). No, it’s because boredom does very little for growing brains. If your kids are cooped up in the house all day, they aren’t getting the chance to explore and find out what they truly enjoy.

Extracurricular activities in Bangkok - Part 1

So get your little ones away from the TV and the computer and encourage to try something new. Remember though: the point of signing up for an extracurricular isn’t necessarily so that your daughter becomes the next prima ballerina, or your son lands an athletic scholarship. You want your child to find something that they really love.

Art Classes
For children and teens with an artistic streak, a painting class may be just the thing. Although a number of places around town offer kids the chance to get creative, Attic Studios is one of the best known. Located right off Sukhumvit, the studio is run by the very friendly Elsie Evans, a Scottish expat and avid artist. Classes are taught by international instructors and are available most mornings and afternoons during the week, and every day on weekends. For more information about opening times please visit their website. Students can either sign up for individual classes or sets of six lessons, making these courses ideal for school breaks. A wide variety of activities are available, from oil painting to watercolors to batik to sketching. Best of all, Attic Studio tailors sessions to suit varying age groups, meaning that your highly experienced teenager can work on drawing from life while your three-year-old can have a blast in the Toddler Art Group. 45/4 Sukhumvit Soi 31; 66-2/662-0224; classes for adults are Bt1,400 each, or Bt7,000 for six. Classes for students are Bt1,200 each, or Bt6,000 for six.

Cooking Classes
Learning to cook improves a child’s sense of self-reliance and offers them an invaluable life skill. And who knows, they may want to lend a hand the next time you make dinner. Aspiring gourmands can head to Young Chefs Academy, which offers classes appropriate for every age group, from Kindercooks (ages three to five) to Jr. Chefs (ages six to 12) and Sr. Chefs (ages 13 to 17). There are even vegetarian classes for children with dietary restrictions. As a bonus, the school organizes party classes with popular goodies like pizza and ice cream, perfect for birthdays. The Emporio Place, 93/333 Sukhumvit Soi 24; 66-89/527-9393; a three-month membership with 12 classes is Bt15,000. Trial classes are arranged by appointment only and are Bt500 for one.

Dance Classes
Dance classes are not only a blast, but also a positive way to encourage your child to exercise. Bangkok Academy of Dance offers everything from jazz dance to ballet to contemporary and Thai classical at their various branches. Beginners and experienced dancers are equally welcome. Near the Chitlom BTS Skytrain station; 66-2/655-6880-1; prices vary.

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