Fathers: Use your two hands to raise your child

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Fathers raise your child with your own strong hands

To all the dads out there – research shows that just using your two strong hands to help the mother with raising your child can build a brighter future for your little one. We ask fathers to follow the steps below:

Start Early
Assisting the mother in looking after the child from birth will help the father get to know his child and learn the basics about how to care for and teach his child in the future.

Start at the Bottom
Changing nappies, bathing the baby and helping to hold the child while he or she burps after breast-feeding will help foster a stronger relationship and bond between the child and the father.

Be Trustworthy
A father may think that because the mother is closer to the child, he can feel comfortable and trust the mother with raising the child. On the contrary, this behavior can cause the child to begin to feel distant from the father. Stay involved with raising your child!

Provide Structure
Children between 9 months and 2 years usually want to explore their environment without thinking or being aware of any danger. Because the father often has genuine authority in the mind of the child, the child will feel confident and safe when he knows that the father is looking after and supervising his environment and behavior.

Be a Good Role Model
Fathers are ideal role models for children and they should take seriously this opportunity to behave as role models in front of their children. Instead of just giving orders, present yourself in the way you would like your child to emulate.

Become Involved In your Child’s Activities
Avoid saying ‘I can’t do that.’ Fathers do not need to be experts in every activity their children are doing. Just being involved is very significant for the child. For example, play sports along with your child to teach the child the art of gracefully winning or losing, and how to work as a team.

Be a Model for Healthy Sexuality
Research has shown fathers have a greater influence on children’s attitudes towards sexuality than mothers. Boys need to observe a family’s leader. If girls are close to their fathers, they will be able to adapt and build more effective relationships with the opposite sex.

Be a Father and a Provider
Being the family leader means most of your time must be dedicated to hard work. However you should strike a balance between work and family. For example, you may invite your children to your workplace or sometimes work at home in order to create a fulfilling atmosphere.

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