Where to Find Children’s Clothing in Bangkok (Part 2)

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Here’s the thing about kids: they just keep growing. One day they’re so small they fit neatly into the crook of your arm and you’re afraid to hurt them. The next day, they’re already losing their first baby teeth and they’re so busy running around that you just hope they don’t hurt themselves.

Where to Find Children’s Clothing in Bangkok Part 2

All that change is a wonder to behold and part of the joy of having children. The downside though is that it means your child’s needs are constantly changing. Nowhere is this truer than their wardrobe, where garments become useless almost as soon as the tags are cut.

With my kids, it sometimes felt like a race to see who could sprout up and out of the their newly purchased clothes. Worse, oftentimes their tastes changed even faster than their heights and widths. Children are famously fickle, and while my kids may not exactly have been fashionistas, their tastes were subject to the media, their peers and who knows what else.

As a result, I’ve spent a whole lot of time schlepping kids, be they babies, toddlers or teens, around Bangkok. Fortunately, the city is built for shoppers and there are plenty of options around town. We discussed some of the open air options in a previous post, but here are a few more.

Central Chitlom
It’s no longer the flashiest megamall in town, but this has one of the best selections around. The sixth floor has a large children’s section with just about everything you might want to purchase. The drawback, of course, is that international brands in a high-class address aren’t exactly the cheapest. Still, there’s bound to be something you and your little ones can agree on in here. 1027, Soi Somkid, Thanon Phloen Chit; 66-2/793-7777; central.co.th.

This behemoth has everything, as one might expect. Prices tend to be just a hair under nearby Siam Paragon and the variety is simply staggering. The department store has plenty of options, but I often find myself heading to Uniqlo for inexpensive, functional, relatively plain kids clothes. The prices are higher than at MBK, but so is the quality. For a slightly more upscale option, Marcs & Spencer makes stylish kids’ clothing that never ever seems to wear out, no matter how much my children abuse it. 4,4 / 1-2,4 / 4, Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan; 62-2/640-7000; centralworld.co.th.

Platinum Fashion Mall
Personally, I’m not a big fan of this one, but since it has more than its share of devotees, it’s worth a mention. Platinum, as you may well know, is a the indoor equivalent of many of Thailand’s outdoor markets. They sell everything here, from the trashiest Halloween costumes to business clothes. Although all of the clothes here are relatively inexpensive, they aren’t all low quality. The only catch is that in order to have to find anything decent, you may have to devote more than a few hours to scrounging. Shops change constantly and require patience and skill to navigate. Should you be blessed with some free time and are down for bargain-hunting, dive right in. Ratchathewi; 66-2/121-8000.

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