6 Tricks to losing the baby weight

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Although I started out with the best of intentions, like many moms I put on a few more kilos than I had originally intended during pregnancy. Blame it on the stress, the raging hormones, the proximity of the refrigerator, or the random, unexpected and sometimes inexplicable food cravings.

fat baby

The fact of the matter was, it just didn’t seem earth-shatteringly important at the time. I was busy getting ready to produce and welcome a whole other life form into the world–fussing over a little extra baby weight just wasn’t that high on my priorities list.

But after the blessed day came and all the fuss finally died down, I was stuck with the fact that my pre-maternity clothes looked like they belonged to an entirely different human. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick, but with some hard work I was able to get my body to a shape and size with which I was comfortable and happy. Here are some of the things I learned while doing it:

1. Eat regularly, but keep it on the small side. A common dieting mistake is to skip meals entirely or go for draconian “cleanses” that basically deprive you of food for days. This not only makes you feel miserable, but also slows your metabolism down. Your poor body thinks that it’s in the middle of a famine and it needs to horde energy for the coming scarcity. To keep your body burning calories, try to eat at least a small snack every three to five hours.

2. Find an exercise that you actually enjoy. Do you hate bikram yoga? Want to slap your spinning instructor? Can’t stand waking up first thing in the morning to jog? Not into CrossFit? Cool. While each form of exercise has its advantages, any is better than none.

3. Phone a friend. Some people rely on journals to help them lose weight, but I find that a little black book is all too easy to ignore. A living, breathing human is a lot harder to bypass. Try to get a good, nonjudgmental friend in on your fitness kick. You’ll enjoy walking/running/biking/going to the gym/taking yoga much more if you’ve got a buddy.

4. Set measurable, realistic goals. Face it: the baby weight isn’t going to go away by next week. Even if you aren’t losing as fast as you would like, try not to get discouraged. Set an attainable, regular, quantifiable goal for yourself every week and try to stick to it.

5. Give yourself some flexibility. If you know that your friends want to go to Appia in Bangkok for crispy porchetta and pasta, don’t force yourself to stay home and suffer. Just keep the portions on the small side at dinner and eat a bit lighter for the rest of the day. Feeling like a martyr won’t make your dress size drop any faster.

6. Stick to foods that fill you up. Dietary advice shifts constantly, but a few constants are clear. One is that foods that are high in protein, fiber or have a bit of healthy fat will keep you full longer than sugary, quickly processed carbs. Nosh on nuts, fruit, yogurt, veggies, fish or tofu throughout the day so that you aren’t constantly hungry.

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