Tips for throwing the perfect baby shower

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How can you have a great baby shower? Whether you’re getting ready to plan a friend’s or preparing to host your own, follow these tips.

Throw the perfect baby shower

Get creative with your invitations. What, you were thinking of using Facebook to invite your guests? Perhaps a mass email? Those are all well and good, but a relatively small amount of extra effort will make a big impression on your guests. Almost no one gets snail mail anymore, which makes it all the more special when someone receives a personalized card in the mail. You can design them yourself and order them from a Bangkok printing company like this one (

Have fun with the decorations, but don’t make yourself crazy. Sometimes, less really is more. If you have the time and budget, by all means make them extra special. For most moms though, less is really more. A few tastefully placed flowers or balloons can work wonders. In a pinch, you can always nicely pile the guests presents in the middle of the action; it’s as good as any centerpiece.

Make themed party food. A baby shower is the perfect time to go for a classy, ladies’ tea party theme with crustless sandwiches and pastel-frosted cupcakes. Personally though, I think of this as the perfect excuse to eat all of those childhood foods that every adult secretly craves. Think mini-PB&Js made with almond butter, good bread and fruit preserves, open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches served with shot glasses of tomato soup, or ramekins with mac & cheese. Whatever you choose, make sure it can be mostly prepared in advance. Throwing something in the oven or under the broiler as your guests arrive is fine, but you don’t want to be trapped in the kitchen instead of having fun.

…or throw in the towel and go for catering. If you’re the type who enjoys frosting dozens of cupcakes or making baby-shaped sugar cookies, everyone will admire your efforts. If, however, you already have enough on your plate, call in the pros.

Let the games begin. Games are essential for a fun, light-hearted shower. It’s a good chance to get everyone laughing and talking, especially if not all of the guests know each other already. There are literally hundreds of possibilities out there; it’s just always important to keep your audience in mind. For a sweet, sentimental crowd, ask everyone to bring in a baby picture of themselves in advance. Hang the photos up in the wall and get ready to have fun guessing who is who. You can also bring in a white baby outfit and non-toxic fabric markers. Ask the guests to sign the cloth and leave a personal message for the child to come.

Take lots of pictures. You’re going to want to remember this moment years later. This is the perfect time for the mother to get dolled up with her girlfriends. Depending on your budget, you can ask a good friend, your partner or a professional photographer to snap some shots for you.

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  1. Shannon J. Perkins  /  September 11, 2014, 1:51 pm Reply

    When I am planning to throw a baby shower, I always make sure that my invitations look nice and awesome. Well, I think invitations must be in the first list of priorities. Everyone wants to have a perfect baby shower. This one will surely help a lot, especially to those who will have a baby shower. Thanks for sharing!

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