4 family activities in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is generally clean, safe and packed with excitement suitable for all ages. Here are five ways to have a blast on your next family getaway.


1. Bounce around on the best trampoline ever. Your kids will flip (and somersault and bounce and…) for Ryze Trampoline , an enormous playground with more than 740 square meters of trampolines. That’s enough space to accommodate up to 100 eager kids or parents who want to play along. There are all kinds of kid-friendly activities to engage in, including dodgeball tournaments. The best part? All that trampoline action is actually terrific aerobic exercise. It helps burn calories, increase cardiovascular fitness and develop coordination. For an HK$10 admission discount, just check-in on Facebook.

2. Play around in an old fort. If the castle turret and cannons at Discovery Playground (22 Austin Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon), also known as Kowloon Park, seem almost too real, that’s because they are. The area was originally known as Whitfield Barracks, a fort built by the British in the 19th century. Nowadays the cannons lay dormant but provide a spectacular place for kids under the age of 13 to roam and explore.

3. Have a blast at Hong Kong’s largest family entertainment center. At 1,300 square meters, Discoveryland (discoverylandhk.com) is a sprawling entertainment paradise. There are slides, ball pits and playgrounds. Adventurous kids will love the rock climbing course or the sports courts, while the younger set will be happy in the designated toddler area or on the mini-golf course. An interactive, digital feature called iClick provides an educational boost and the impressive aerial course (the first of its kind in Hong Kong) is sure to add plenty of excitement. For extra competitive kids, send them straight to battle in the laser tag room or to shoot foam balls in Ballistics (don’t worry, the balls are soft and harmless). For larger groups of kids, the place will gladly arrange parties with fun activities such as face painting, customized invitations, professional photos, personalized party banners, balloons and all-day play passes.

4. Get up close and personal with real sharks. Plain old aquariums are fine, but they pale in comparison to this spine-tingling aquatic world. Ocean Park (oceanpark.com.hk) revamped its old facilities in June 2014 to build Shark Mystique, a 360 degree exhibition featuring more than a hundred different species of sharks and rays. It’s one of the largest shark-centric aquariums in all of Asia and your kids will have plenty of chances to get a closer look at these often misunderstood creatures of the deep. There’s also an educational element to the exhibit in the form of fun, child-friendly interactive games to help kids learn more about sharks. The exhibit also aims to promote awareness about shark consumption and asks children to pledge to do their part to stop this environmentally devastating practice.

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