7 family activities in Macau

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Despite its reputation for unbridled hedonism, Macau can be a surprisingly family-friendly destination. It’s also a quick, easy flight from Bangkok, making it ideal for a family weekend getaway.


1. Visit the Macao Science Center. Although few people plan on going to Macau for educational reasons, the Macau Science Center  is a surprisingly impressive place. There’s a 3D planetarium show and 450 interactive exhibits to keep the kids entertained all day long.

2. Take in the jaw-dropping view from the Macau Tower. The truly daring travelers can strap on a very secure harness and take the skywalk along 61 stories above the ground. There are also more sheltered outdoor and indoor observation decks plus a restaurant with a terrific panoramic view of the city. Older teens and parents might want to take the plunge and go for a bungee jump.

3. Hang out with their favorite animated characters. Kids will get a serious kick out of hanging out with fuzzy, life-size incarnations of the casts of movies such as Shrek and Madagascar. at The Dreamworks Experience  they can go to Dragon Training Camp for an introduction to the different species of winged lizards or a viking-style feast. They can also meet the whole gang at a “Shrekfest.” Some of the activities might wear on parents a bit, but they’re perfect for the younger set.

4. Laugh and play in the Qube. One the biggest adventure-oriented parks for kids in all of Asia, the Qube (http://www.venetianmacao.com/macau-activities/kids-at-venetian.html) inside The Venetian Macao has something for everyone. There’s a 6-meter-high climbing facility complete with a free fall slide, a netted bridge, zig-zag climbers and a series of colorful rainbow slides. The children’s playground is an impressive 836 square meters. The place also has video games and air hockey.

5. Take a ride on a gondola. Sure, it’s Macau mimicking Las Vegas mimicking Venice, but that won’t stop kids from having a great time. The multilingual gondoliers are generally excellent tour guides and very cooperative about posing for photos. Also, because The Venetian Macao (www.venetianmacao.com) has three canals instead of the one offered in Las Vegas, there’s more territory to sail down.

6. See The House of Dancing Water. The House of Dancing Water (http://thehouseofdancingwatermedia.com/) may well be one of the most impressive attractions on the Cotai Strip. It took US$250 million to put together the show and its unusual theater, which transforms into a pool with nearly 14 million gallons of water. There are 239 water jets that create 18-meter-high water fountain effects while roughly 80 dancers and performers execute daring stunts.

7. Check out the pandas. These cuddly-looking, oversized fur-balls are always a crowd-pleaser, especially with younger kids. The Giant Panda Pavilion (https://www.macaupanda.org.mo/e/pavilion/detail.aspx?id=ceb4c28d-32d0-44c6-8f01-01b01bdb118a) is a bit out of the way, but worth it for panda fans.

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