Little signs that you might be pregnant

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“You’ll just know,” a friend and mother answered me.


While I’m sure she didn’t intend her response to be patronizing, I found myself frustrated. I had already been through umpteen little pregnancy tests and I was tired of waiting for a positive response. I felt like a small child—I wanted it now.

I spent an inordinate amount of time during this period wondering if I were already pregnant. I felt a little queasy after eating sushi at lunch. Could that be it? I’d been a little tired lately… maybe? Every little thing got my hopes up. So you can understand why I found my friend’s response to “How will I know when I’m pregnant?” a bit infuriating.

After some digging, I found that there really is no way to know for certain. Some women claim to be able to feel it right away, but many remain oblivious for months. There are, however, common indications that many people feel. They don’t guarantee that you’re pregnant, but they’re good to look out for.

Missing your period. This is the most obvious one, but it still needs to be mentioned. It is also important to note, however, that this one still isn’t a guarantee. Menstrual cycles can get slightly out of sync for all sorts of reasons. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, are exercising a lot more than usual, have been exceptionally stressed or are underweight, you may also skip a period. If you miss two or more and are not pregnant, see a doctor for a check-up to try and figure out the root cause.

Feeling unusually fatigued. Your body is doing a whole lot of work preparing for a pregnancy, even though you may not consciously be aware of it. If you find yourself falling asleep on your feet and falling into bed at night, there might be a simple explanation for where that energy is going.

Changes in your breasts. Hormonal shifts may cause breasts to swell or become extra sensitive. Some women also find that their nipples expand or darken slightly.

Constipation. This one is unfortunate and seldom discussed, but it’s actually fairly common.

Changes in appetite. Some women lose theirs entirely as a result of all the nausea, while others suddenly want to eat everything in the house.

Vivid dreams. There’s no scientific explanation for this, but many women claim to have very real, borderline psychedelic dreams during their first trimester.

Nausea, aversion to certain foods or vomiting. Different women have different food aversions while pregnant. Coffee, fish, strong-smelling foods and (understandably) alcohol are common, although some women also have none. Vomiting is a rather obvious one to get checked out.

Mood swings. Yes, it’s true. All those hormonal ups and downs can make your emotions flip fast enough to give you whiplash. If it’s not PMS, there’s a reasonable chance that something’s going on in there.

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