7 tips for getting pregnant

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  • Keep track of ovulation cycles.

There’s a surprisingly short window each month in which your body can actually get pregnant. Although many couples with healthy, active sex lives conceive without tracking ovulation cycles, it is a useful tool to help speed the process along.

  • Steer clear of tobacco.

If you’re actively trying to become pregnant, now is the time to quit smoking. Tobacco is not only harmful to your body in general, but also decreases your fertility. In addition, there’s a significant chance that you may become pregnant and not notice for the first few weeks. Some women claim to be able to tell immediately after they conceive, while others may carry on as usual, completely oblivious, throughout the entire first trimester. Smoking during pregnancy is associated with a host of birth defects and conditions and it’s not worth risking accidentally smoking after conception. Plus, if you’re do become pregnant, you’ll have to stop anyway. It might as well start now.

  • Cut down on or avoid alcohol as well.

Similarly, alcohol can also have a negative effect on your fertility and the consequences of drinking during pregnancy are both devastating and well-documented, especially in the first trimester. Although there’s some debate in the medical community as to how big of an effect very moderate drinking can have, it’s best to play it safe and stay completely sober if there’s a chance you might be pregnant. It almost goes without saying, but any illegal drugs or substances should be avoided as well.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy body is going to have a better chance of conceiving in general. A moderate level of exercise and a balanced diet can only help your odds.

  • Be careful of which medications you take.

Some common medications, even over-the-counter ones, can have a negative effect on fertility. You may not realize the impact of certain medications, since side effects like this tend to be buried in a mountain of fine print. To err on the safe side, consult with your doctor before taking any medication when trying to conceive.

  • Avoid certain vaginal lubricants.

As strange as it may sound, many over-the-counter lubricants can decrease your fertility. Be sure to do a little extra research before using them.

  • Have sex regularly.

It might sound obvious, but this is a good excuse to boost your love life. When both partners are working, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time and energy for intimacy. Especially if you’re looking to conceive, make an effort to prioritize sex and make it part of your regular routine. Even if you’re not tracking your cycle constantly, if you have sex two to three times a week you’re likely to hit the right time eventually. Engaging in intercourse once a day around the ovulation period will also definitely boost your odds.


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