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Hi there, are ‘blebs’ widely known about in Thailand? I have developed two small white dots on my right nipple. Since they appeared I have been in considerable discomfort while breast feeding from that side. Previously there were no problems, that I was aware of. My daughters are 11 weeks old.
Blebs and white dots are often seen here in Bangkok. Blebs may show us the suckling, or LATCH, may not be correct, while white dots show some milk ducts may not flow well.

In your case, please take care to ensure that the baby takes the breast well. A good LATCH is what is needed — one indication of a proper latch and good feeding is that your breasts will feel softer after you feed your baby.

Beware of too tight a fit of your bra and/or over-compression of the affected breast. The key is to drain the milk out to the baby by letting the baby feed as often as she can. Once your milk transfer improves, your discomfort will diminish.

If you have any problems breastfeeding and need further advice, please contact:

Expecting-Expats-Samitivej-Hospital-Meena-PhotoMeena Sobsamai Midwife, IBCLC, Gradudate Diploma in Childbirth Education
IBLCE Co-ordinator for Thailand
Samitivej Children’s Hospital







I am three months pregnant and starting to plan for having a newborn. I have breast implants. Will I still be able to breastfeed?
Of course, you can breastfeed just like other moms. The implants are inserted under your breast tissue and don’t affect lactation at all. Enjoy being a mom!


Yaowaluk Rapeepattana , M.D.
Specialist in OB/GYN
Samitivej Hospital

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