Ask the doctor about nutrition during pregnancy

Can pregnant women take multi vitamin supplements during pregnancy? And if yes are there any vitamins they should not overdose?

Multivitamins are not recommended for every pregnant woman and are usually recommended for women who lack certain nutrients. Pregnant women should avoid buying these multivitamins and must get their physician’s advice prior to having any supplements.

During the first trimester, the physician usually recommends pregnant women to take folic acid (the amount of dosage varies with each person and on the physician’s recommendation). A pregnant woman must have a well balanced diet and include food from all 5 food groups, especially green vegetables and a variety of fruits. Vitamin C and Vitamin B can be found in fruits which can help reduce morning sickness in pregnant women and are good for the baby. Pregnant women should be careful with the intake of vitamin A as it can cause birth defects, especially during the first three months, which is the stage during which the organs are being developed. After the third month of pregnancy or after the morning sickness is over, the physician will recommend iron and calcium supplements and will continue to emphasize on eating a well balanced meal of 5 food groups. Foods high in proteins is recommended, along with green vegetables and fruits. Foods high in starch and fat content should be avoided.

Sirithorn Karnjanathanalers, M.D.
Specialist in OB/GYN

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