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Planning on giving birth abroad

Planning on giving birth abroad?

Here are some insights I found personally helpful when making the decision to deliver abroad . . . »

Should you get a C-section?

Should you get a C-section?

Cesarean sections, for better or for worse, are more common in Thailand than in many parts of the world. Like anything else though, there are pros and cons to having a C-section . . . »

Water birth room virtual tour

Samitivej Hospital Natural Birth Room – Virtual Tour

Take a tour of Samitivej Hospital's Natural Birth Room, and learn about all of the features that will make your birth experience safe, pleasant and memorable . . . »

should you get a doula

Should you get a doula?

So why would anyone object to the use of a doula? Some spouses question if having a doula there will make them feel less involved in the process . . . »

Could you advise which doctors at Samitivej Hospital support vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)?

Please could you advise which doctors at Samitivej support VBAC? I really want a doctor who has experience of VBAC and will genuinely support my desire to birth naturally, despite »

I want to have a natural birth and if possible a water birth. Please would you advise me where this could be arranged?

I am pregnant for the first time and I have heard from other people who have given birth here that the preferred option is to book a C section. Is »

What to pack when you are expecting

What to Pack When You’re Expecting

The simple truth is this . . . those packing lists that are to be found in pregnancy magazines/books/websites are designed for women giving birth in western countries . . . »

Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth encourages couples to use non-medical methods in response to how moms feel during the birthing process. Pregnant couples of today must ask themselves "what would we like our birth experience to be?" . . . »