child behavior

Annual Check-up

How important is it for your child to have an annual check-up?

Regular check-ups for your children play a very important role in shaping their development both physically and mentally . . . »

Exercise for better grades

Want to see better grades from your child? Help her get physically fit!

Exercise scientists have known for a long time that children who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively than children who are out of shape . . . »

Help your child get the sleep they need

Sleep! Help your child get what they need

Once exercise becomes something that is a fun, routine and fundamental part of our daily lives, it is much easier to sustain . . . »

How moral is your baby?

How Moral is Your Baby?

The presence of these social skills in young infants suggests that these essential skills have evolutionary origins in our genetics . . . »

Fathers raise your child with your own strong hands

Fathers: Use your two hands to raise your child

Just using your two strong hands to help the mother with raising your child can build a brighter future for your little one . . . »

Extracurricular activities in Bangkok - Part 1

Extracurricular activities in Bangkok (Part 1)

If your kids are cooped up in the house all day, they aren’t getting the chance to explore and find out what they truly enjoy . . . »

Raising your child to be good and competent

How to raise your child to be good and competent

Since raising a child is highly demanding, parents will need to give up their usual habits and freedom. And it's not a one-man job . . . »

Youthful Tendency Disorder

Youthful Tendency Disorder

Spending time with my oldest son seems to elicit spontaneous laughter and random acts of silliness in children and adults alike . . . »

Do you censor your language around your kids?

Do you censor your language around your kids?

In all honesty, my husband and I are both prone to using a good expletive when it’s contextually appropriate. To what lengths should parents go to censor our language around our children? . . . »

The (Toy) Gun Debate

The (Toy) Gun Debate

Despite our unconscious lack of cars in the home, our son still found a way to ‘play cars.' It’s the same with guns . . . »

Nature vs. Nurture – Love is All You Need

Nature vs. Nurture – Love is All You Need

Neurologists are beginning to understand exactly how a baby’s interaction with their mother determines how whether, the brain grows in the way that it should . . . »