child development

Boosting baby brain development

Boosting baby brain development

Have you been playing Mozart in the general direction of your womb 24/7? Do you own stacks of educational DVDs and computer games? Try these simple tricks to help boost your baby’s IQ instead . . . »

Culture Shock and Kids

Coping with Kids and Culture Shock

What do you do when your child is having a hard time adjusting to your move to a new country? Check out these tips . . . »

Exercise for better grades

Want to see better grades from your child? Help her get physically fit!

Exercise scientists have known for a long time that children who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively than children who are out of shape . . . »

Help your child get the sleep they need

Sleep! Help your child get what they need

Once exercise becomes something that is a fun, routine and fundamental part of our daily lives, it is much easier to sustain . . . »

Food for a child's brain

Food for a child’s brain

Balance, distribution and variety are the keys to a nutritious meal. A deficiency in just one important nutrient can impair your child’s ability to perform well in the classroom . . . »

Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development Part 4: A Medical Point of View

Amornrat Pooaramwatana M.D., Developmental and Behavorial Pediatrics at Samitivej Hospital, answers common medical questions concerning child cognitive development . . . »

Cognitive Development Part 3: Education and What You Can Do

Cognitive Development Part 3: Education and What You Can Do

When it comes to cognitive development, academic education is important, but it’s part of a much larger picture . . . »

Cognitive Development Part 2

Cognitive Development Part 2: Years Four Through Six

Years four through six are when your little bundle of joy somehow transforms into a questioning, reasoning human being . . . »

Becoming the parent you want to be

On becoming the parent you want to be

It can be a difficult line to walk between being a friend to your child or being the parent who gives structure and loving discipline . . . »

Cognitive Development Part 1

Cognitive Development Part 1: The First Three Years

The first three years of a child’s life are crucial to overall cognitive development, yet it is also the time when it is most difficult for an adult to communicate with him or her . . . »

Raising your child to be good and competent

How to raise your child to be good and competent

Since raising a child is highly demanding, parents will need to give up their usual habits and freedom. And it's not a one-man job . . . »

My daughter wants to be tall

My daughter wants to be tall

Why is my daughter shorter than her friends? This could be a question of doubt in most mothers’ minds or even in their daughter’s mind when she is with her friends and feels that she is shorter than them . . . »